Synthetic Touch

Photographs and Text by Cheska Lotherington

BA (Hons) Interaction Design Arts

This project focuses on the gap in connection brought about by lack of touch and physical presence during the on-going UK lockdown.

For many, this period has been a time of considerable self-reflection. I used a camera which has been converted to shoot in infrared light. Infrared has the ability to physically penetrate the skin further than visible light. By using this medium I was able to look ‘inside’ the subjects and conceptually investigate the human experience and notions of physical disconnect.

T20ReE BoDY20

Photographs and Text by Juhong Xia

BA (Hons) Interaction Design Arts

This series of story-telling montages is about wound, healing, and post humanism. Due to lockdown, I focus more on nature and myself. The montages include photos of trees that I took in Finsbury Park and the body of myself, which I took through a mirror on my own, during the lockdown.

The inspiration for this set of photos comes from my own painful experiences of relationships during these years. And I found that when being hurt, there is almost no difference between human and tree. We get wounds and then the wounds will scab over time. But the scars maybe left forever. The repeating, painful experiences and scars sometimes make me stronger, like armor, and sometimes they also make me feel fear of being hurt again, and so I disguise myself.


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