Come Find Me

Photographs and Text by Hedda Ofverholm Thorén

BA (Hons) Interaction Design Arts (Year 1)

As my starting point, this work became all about exploration for me. At the time, I was spending a lot of time at my family’s summer place in the Swedish archipelago. It’s a nature reserve, allowing the nature to stand untouched; the trees grow tall and the moss covers the ground. It is a special feeling to be there and since the Corona pandemic broke out it has become an even more important place for me, where I can escape the craziness back in my hometown Stockholm.

I spent a lot of time out exploring and studying the nature in more detail, looking for scenes and places I had never seen before. It made me encounter new feelings that I haven’t experienced earlier. It felt magical, but at the same time also terrifying and sad because at some point I realized that there is a possibility that what I have photographed will not always remain. In a few years, everything could be gone.

As a result, my photographic sequence ‘Come Find Me’ is a series exploring new notions of naturally occurring frames, but also a sequence exploring and documenting the uncertain future of our nature.