What is Love?

Photographs and Text Sarah-Min-Tja Wong

MA Design for Art Direction

The series ‘What is love?’ is an exploration of the digital love layer.  Shot during the quarantine, where online connections might even feel more real than physical ones, I asked myself the question  … Who decides what real love is? The images are a reflection of our daily life and interactions in the digital dimension, celebrating the positive aspects of these moments.

Left Behind

Photographs and Text by Marco-Antonio Grubben

BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Media

I conducted a small, photojournalistic research project over the summer. It started when I began noticing how many toys were being left behind in all kinds of places. Some were forgotten, others were dumped, but all the toys meant the same thing to me: lost childhood. 

COVID-19 impacted everyone without a doubt, but the group I find at most risk are the children. They’re too young to be dealing with so much anxiety, strife and especially confusion. We complained about school when we were kids, dreading going in. Today, school will no longer be taken for granted. COVID-19 has shown us more than ever the importance of education and a space where children can grow, learn and just be kids. This virus has taken away so much more than just school and friends. It affects their physical as well as mental health. Some may experience lifelong trauma from being isolated, from infecting their grandparents or living 24/7 in toxic/abusive households. Some children didn’t have enough food during the pandemic others had too much. As adults we may have better capacities of understanding and dealing with our new normal, I can’t possibly imagine what a child is going through…

I truly hope that children of all ages can move past this pandemic and resume their classes as quickly as possible. I pray their learning and development weren’t stunted, that every child can flourish in the new age that is coming and put all this sadness behind.

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