Photographs and Text by Juhong Xia

BA (Hons) Interaction Design Arts

Brutalist architecture is my favorite as the structures gives me a feeling of both majestic and lonely. This sense of lonely brought by brutalist buildings becomes extremely strong during the pandemic. I use black and white photos to show this kind of feeling brought by both the main buildings and the hidden corners of the Barbican.  

Our Shadows

Words and Photography by Maria Michaelides

BA (Hons) Interaction Design Arts

This last year has been a difficult time; within lockdown we often wonder why we feel so low and vulnerable. We have become so use to the feeling of isolation that we cannot comprehend why we feel so lonely sometimes. We have now adapted to accepting this feeling.

We find it hard to use our creative platforms in the same ways that we use to. Exploring the feeling of physically and mentally being imprisoned, I revisited places that hold positive memories for me, as a way of remembering how life once was.

I used my shadows to demonstrate how much life has changed now, casting shadows on all my memories and exploring ways of portraying loneliness within my mind. We feel trapped within our own thoughts, and we can be our own worst enemy.