Photography & Text by Eveline Maier

BA (Hons) Interaction Design Arts (Year 3)

End of March 2020, silence entered my hometown swiftly and abrupt. Safely tucked away in my studio in London, an unexpected outburst of limitless creativity and possibilities, promoted courage and experimentation amidst the quarantine experience. Despite the government restrictions, social anxiety and political pressure similarly experienced during the years of the Bauhaus movement in the late 19th century, steadfastness became the aim. Intellectual vigour spurned toward experimentation and problem-solving of visuals, how to convey the complex story of in-equality between Humankind in a simplified way making it easy to understand. Inevitably, a re-conceptualisation of the process more akin to research and science began to solve the task. While the playful experimentation with objects in-house took place, the sole light giver was either the sun or a Vintage desk lamp. Bauhaus inspired, high-class mechanical tools and computers such as the MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, 1850’s antique opera binoculars and a microscopic clip lens produced the emerging Visuals. Each leading to the results with the smallest amount of editing [Apple Photo, video editing program].

As was once stated: The extraordinary created out of the ordinary day to day [vase, tea sieve, a glass bottle, plastic bags].

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