Bacteria Evolution

Photography and Text by Mia-Violet Leech

BA (Hons) Interaction Design Art (year 2)

Instagram @meeeeeha

During the lockdown, I became interested in how tiny microorganisms could cause such an impact on our multi-celled civilization. Seeing people obsess over bacteria made me keen to grow a microbial culture at home. Initially to educate myself, but also to physically watch the bacteria evolve and form into something more understandable. These photographs were taken after 5 days of incubation and the samples originated from my personal interactions with the now dystopian outside world. From there I started digitally distorting the microbial images beyond recognition, playing with our programmed reactions of disgust. As the bacteria organically shapes itself in the petri dish it becomes an unpredictable co-creator, the images are therefore a collaborative effort.

Behind the Scenes …

The microlens was added to further investigate the bacteria. Not having access to the high-tech cameras and lenses in the LCC kit room, I had to get a bit more creative. The lens was crafted from a £1 ‘jewellers loupe magnifier’ off the internet and some fluorescent hard-wearing tape.

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