Lockdown Body Painting

Images & Text by Marie-Lilien Funk

BA (Hons) Design Management & Cultures 

Body Painting by Gaia Loglio

This body paint shoot originated from the circumstances of being quarantined with a group of creative friends in the south of Germany. The body paint artist, Gaia Loglio normally resides in Paris having been given the opportunity of an art residency programme. As a native Italian, she wasn’t allowed to go back to her country, so we took her along to Germany. The place were we quarantined together, offered quite a lot of green garden space, so I decided one day to build myself a little photo wall out of wooden sticks and lots of masking tape and a white background from bed linens. My first shooting in my newly build photo studio was a try out session with Josephine as my model. After realising that the pictures turned out quite nice, I asked Gaia if she would be interested in doing a body paint shoot with me. We used Josephine and my little brother as models…and I think they did quite well. As the shooting happened outside in the garden, the light is very natural. I really like photographing in natural sunlight, since it gives images a sensual softness.  

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