Words & Photographs by Emanuela Passadore

MA Design for Art Direction

Confined Bodies is a project in reaction to what the world has been experiencing.

Confined Bodies is a project in a specific context. Covid19 made us stop, or at least stop moving, stop going out, confining our bodies in our homes.

Self Confinement made us re-question our space, our homes, our objects and our movements.  Moving is part of our everyday, something we have always taken for granted. While during quarantine our movements were just from our bedrooms to our living rooms, backwards and forwards. During this period we realized more than ever our NEED to move and exercise, in every possible way in order to keep physical and mentally healthy.

Together with my survey, global figures demonstrate that there has been a peak of people increasing activity during Covid. Home fitness became the new trend: online classes of yoga, fitness classes, crossfit, Pilates classes, on Zoom, Instagram or YouTube. People started improvising gyms at homes using a range of different objects including dogs, babies, brooms, chairs: everything in the house becoming a possible weight in order for training.

My aim with the project is to underline that we can be creative in the way we do physical activity and the objects we use while doing that. Highlighting that training (or better) moving, should always be seen as joy and pleasure and not as I have to go to the gym to be in shape, and probably wearing black clothes to look skinnier or less showy.

This project is a celebration of sport as colours, creativity, and to our bodies conceived as moving sculptures.


An ode to sport as relief and escape 

An ode to creativity 

An ode to imagination 

An ode to flexibility 

An ode to movement 

An ode to body consciousness 

An ode to serotonin 

An ode to playfulness 

An ode to colours 

And ode to escapism 

An ode to diversity 

An ode to body positivity 

An ode to freedom 

An ode to fun 

An ode to strength 

An ode to balance

An ode to joy

An ode to our bodies as moving sculptures

An ode to joy  An ode to our bodies as moving sculptures 

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