Photos & Text by Daniella Chukwuezi

Diploma in Professional Studies – Design for Art Direction

I took the following pictures as drafts for a lockdown project in the works expressing my anxieties about screen time. Right now it’s called Screen Time/Scream Time. Mindlessly zoned out in front of devices for hours, eye strains, headaches, insomnia, social media addiction, etc. I was also inspired by the photography of Alex Prager and her book Silver Lake Drive. Everything else was defined by the space and equipment I have in my room. I used my curtains for the backdrop and lit the scene with 2 multicolour LED lights. I created the images using clothes I already owned; some of myself and some with my sister modelling for me. Cropping and editing then helped to create more of the “bored at home, staring at screens” narrative. I chose colours of the lights that I thought worked with the outfits and makeup, and then in post focused on bringing up primary colours and increasing contrast. Some photos were shot with my DSLR and some with my iPhone. Editing was all done on my iPhone.



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